Stop evictions

We’d like to build a movement to stop evictions. Huge numbers of people face housing instability due to the current economic crisis and the problem isn’t just restricted to any one section of society. ‘Homeowners’ face difficulties making mortgage payments due to falling incomes. Tenants face problems keeping up rent payments for the same reason. Travellers and squatters face a crackdown from the coalition government with the possibility of a new ‘intentional trespass’ law.

Eviction is the common threat faced by all, be it by ‘repossession’, cancellation of tenancy, or eviction as trespassers. Evictions can be resisted though and are resisted all over the world.

Evictions are carried out by a small number of bailiff firms and often the same bailiff firms are used to evict tenants, mortgage holders, squatters or travellers. Also a mass movement against bailiffs is not unprecedented. During the poll tax rebellion, thousands of people resisted bailiffs.

The poll tax resistance was based heavily on local solidarity and we expect that if a similar thing were to occur now around housing, the local anti-cuts campaigns would be great places to start.

At a time when the entire economy is in chaos as a result of the speculation of those who have held power, and in particular the banks, it seems outrageous to us that people should face eviction, often directly by the banks themselves. We hope that many people will agree with us at the very least for a moratorium on evictions until the economy is in a more stable state.


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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