The argument against the criminalisation of squatting

We’ve recently written an article for about the proposed criminalisation of squatting. Read it here –

There are a few arguments which we didn’t make as well as we’d like, so we’ll try and expand on them here. Also we’d like to explore some of the themes that come out of the debate in the comments on the article.

The first comment, which we’ve already replied to, brings out the idea that there are both ‘moral’ and ‘immoral’ squatters – the argument being we should expect legislation robust enough to deal with the worst offenders. You can read our response on the site.

Also, you might like to read some of these other articles that have appeared recently about the same topic:

Crisis condemns Criminalising Squatters – Crisis website

Laurie Penny
In Defence of Squatting – in the New Statesman
This Spiteful New Law Against Squatting Must Be Stopped – in the Independent

Squatgeddon?! The Potential Law Change – on London Indymedia

Squash Campaign
Leave Squatters Alone – in the New Internationalist

Squash is Squatters’ Action for Secure Homes and was reformed after 20+ years to resist the current proposed criminalisation of squatting. Follow them on twitter at @squash_campaign and at their website –


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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One Response to The argument against the criminalisation of squatting

  1. alrich says:

    You may also be interested in this piece Criminalisation of squatting: how protection of property could crumble arguing that the new law is far from watertight:
    And this: Criminalisation of squatting will cause problems, not solve them:

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