The #stopdesahucios movement in Spain

We want to know more! From what we can tell an eviction resistance movement has emerged from the #spanishrevolution movement. We want to give this a much higher profile as e think it is exactly what people need to be doing at the moment.

When we asked just now on Twitter for more information, @casi_insurgente explained the following:

“the law in Spain says that when you default on your mortgage, the bank takes your house AND the debt still stands”

“they’ve managed to a couple of dozen evictions I think. More difficult now as the police have been ordered in”

“so they can’t resist without confronting the police which #15m have been reluctant to do mostly.”

#15m is another name for the movement in Spain which has seen occupations of town squares for general assemblies and a call for ‘real democracy ya!’ or ‘real democracy now’

If you know more get in touch!

addition: this video is from a police enforced eviction in Barcelona –

It seems this video is from the same eviction: youtube


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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