Initial statement of ‘No Riot Evictions’ campaign

We oppose the threatened eviction of council tenants where they or members of their household have been associated with the unrest that has spread through the UK.

Politically motivated evictions by local authorities represent a disturbingly crude form of extra-judicial punishment.

Eviction will have a disastrous impact on family members, including young children, against whom there are no allegations of wrongdoing.

Despite attempts by certain elements to distract from this, the rioting had clear roots in poverty and exclusion – and homelessness will only foment and exacerbate these problems.

It is spiteful, and demonstrates a startling lack of maturity on the part of the Council and central government.

Rather than attempting to spread fear or further ostracise, we should be spending our time considering practical ways in which we can ensure that everyone has a stake in their communities.

We pledge to do all that we can to stop these evictions taking place.


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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2 Responses to Initial statement of ‘No Riot Evictions’ campaign

  1. Sarah says:

    I would mention the fact that this is hypocritical and unworkable. Do councils propose to evict people convicted of other crimes? Putting people out on the streets will cause more riots. Also there is an inherent unfairness that those that are better off and own or rent privately are not punished in this way. If we lose our humanity then we are no better than those that condemn.

  2. Julie Timbrell says:

    We need to mobilise to stop Councils carrying out their current threats, but also protest against the ConDem proposals to change the law to make it easier in the future. Please can you get the word out there is a current :


    The Housing Minister wants to change the law:

    “… to ensure that where social tenants or members of their family are found guilty of serious anti-social behaviour or criminality of the sort we’ve witnessed in recent days, that will categorically provide a ground on which a social landlord may seek possession of the property. …

    He says …

    ” We know that the threat of eviction can act as a powerful driver of improved behaviour. It cannot be right for that sanction to apply only to criminal behaviour towards neighbours or in the locality of the property as it does at the moment. Where a social tenant or a member of their household decides to wreak havoc in someone else’s community, social
    landlords should have the same scope to take action.

    DISAGREE??!! Take some action……..

    BY: Monday 7 November

    The letter in full, which contains links to the full consultation:

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