Defend Dale Farm

Dale Farm in Essex is the UK’s largest Traveller community, consisting of nearly a hundred plots and is home to over 1000 people. The residents own the land, a disused scrap yard, yet Basildon Council wants to spend millions evicting about 500 people (many of them children) from the 52 plots of land that do not have planning permission. To do this they have hired the bailiff firm ‘Constant & Co’ and have served the residents notice that expires at the end of August.

Dale Farm Travellers have offered to leave at no cost to the council, but need somewhere to go. Yet Basildon Council has failed to agree to alternative sites. Government legislation, planning restrictions and sale of public land have decimated the number of safe and legal stopping places for Gypsies and Travellers.

Over the next days and weeks we will be joining the fight to protect Dale Farm.

From this Saturday, 27th August, a protest camp called ‘Camp Constant’ will be set up at Dale Farm to house supporters. Details of the camp and the rest of the campaign can be found at – the blog of Dale Farm Solidarity

We are looking for volunteers who are able to blog and tweet about the resistance. If you think you can help get in touch, but also contact Dale Farm Solidarity.


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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2 Responses to Defend Dale Farm

  1. Help defend Dale Farm

  2. Vanessa ridgewell says:

    I am disgusted by the treatment of this site. People have done their best without harming anyone or anything to try and keep their way of life. It seems humans in power are determined to destroy every other way of living in this world other than one of no choice. We are not puppets , we will ensure the right of humans to live as they wish on their land in peace and harmony. Travellers are the oldest civilisation, we are all travellers, . But have been forced to live in square boxes where having a birthday party comes to an abrubt end due to a threat of a fine.the boxes get smaller and smaller, even to the extent many people can not have a visitor stay the night because there is no room. Most of us weak people have just gone along with this bullying and live a miserable existence. Dale farm tried to stand up for their right. Give it to them. Minorities , aborigines, so called American indians massai rain forest tribes and on and on and on……. All being wiped out with the oldest tribes in the world…. Travellers of all sorts….. Are we free, is this a democratic society……. No…. The treatment of little “Dale farm”‘proves this and at HUGE expense in this time of errr austerity…. What’s it all about???

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