Pay up Victorstone

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Ruth, Jess and Charlotte recently took up a rented property in Bethnal Green through Victorstone Property Consultants, paying £3,451 as rent and deposit. After they had only just moved into the house, Victorstone fell out with the landlords over the fees they would take, the landlords decided they wanted to get out of the letting, and changed the locks.

Ruth, Jess and Charlotte have managed to get some money back from the landlady, but the landlady had never been transferred the full amount, because Victorstone had subtracted their fee. Victorstone initially tried to mislead Ruth, Jess and Charlotte, implying that all the money had been transferred to the landlady. In fact they intend to keep c.£1200 of their money for a completely failed deal. They now are trying to take no responsibility for the situation.

We demand simply that Victorstone give Ruth, Jess and Charlotte back their money and pursue whatever dispute they have with the owners of the property. At no point has Victorstone, or the landlords implied Ruth, Jess and Charlotte have done anything wrong, yet Victorstone are holding more than £1200 of their money, which they need to get a new house.

Ruth, Jess and Charlotte were dealt with by Victorstone’s Shoreditch branch:

53 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JP
t: 020 7426 5411
f: 020 7377 6750

Update Friday lunchtime:

Over the past few days a number of people have been visiting, calling and emailing Victorstone to try and get an answer as to why they’re holding onto the money.

When we first spoke to Victorstone they had given us the impression that the Landlady had all the money, obscuring the fact they had taken over £1200 in fees.

When we pointed out to them that we knew where the money was they began to explain their position that this £1200 is not actually Ruth, Jess and Charlotte’s, but it somehow temporarily became the landlady’s money, despite her never having it, and Victorstone have taken it off her, despite the fact that Ruth, Jess and Charlotte gave them it.

When people told Victorstone what they thought of this, they got replies like this one from Louise Brooks – louise@victorstone:

To whom it may concern:

Please be advise this is now a legal matter which I do not believe you have any
involvement in, should the tenants need any assistance we have informed them they
will need to contact the landlord.

Kind Regards,

Louise Brooks
Property Management

T: 020 7426 5411 E:

Shortly after this Victorstone started saying they’ve contacted the police because of the complaints.

Yesterday 3 people went down to visit Victorstone to try to clarify their position and complain about how it was being handled. The response from Victorstone was astonishing.

Here’s a report from one of the people who went:

Three of us just went down to the
office in Shoreditch. We bumped into Kabbie in the street and asked
his manager’s name (Nabil). We went into the office and asked for
Nabil, explaining that we were there to complain and find out why
Ruth, Jess and Charlotte haven’t been given their money back.

We were made to stand in the lobby
while staff came out and told us they were going to call the police
for harrassment (referring to our approx 10 emails of complaint
received this morning). A middle-aged man came out and though he
wouldn’t give us his name he said he owned the company. The staff
said as we weren’t tenants they wouldn’t discuss the matter with us.
We said this was okay and that we only wanted them to listen to us.

The man became hot-headed and said he
was going to call the police. We said we were fine with him calling
them. When he came back from his phonecall to the police he kept
raising his voice whenever we said “Why don’t you pay them back,
it’s clearly their money”. We also asked whether the police felt
he was overreacting.

Clearly feeling the pressure the man
was told by his told colleague, “Calm the fuck down man, what the
fuck do you think you’re doing?” who then led him away. The
colleague also said “If you don’t leave now I’ll fucking throw you
out myself.” Asked whether that was a threat, the colleague said
“Yes it is a threat.”

Essentially we did nothing but try to
get our complaint heard, telling them they had stolen money and
should stop being thieves and just pay it back. They threatened us
and called the police in return. Clearly Victorstone don’t take
kindly to being complained at.

We’re pretty shocked at how Victorstone are dealing with this. Their excuse for holding onto the money is weak to say the least, but their response to complaints is laughable.

Wouldn’t it just be easier if they just payed up?!


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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8 Responses to Pay up Victorstone

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  2. John Andrews says:

    We had a really bad experience with Victor Stone too. We paid a deposit on a house and were given a moving date. When it came to the moving date we were informed on the day that we would not be able to move in as the previous tenancy was not yet finished. The landlord was using Victor Stone instead of their previous Estate Agents and it seemed that noone had communicated with each other, yet Victor Stone had taken money off us for a house they were not even managing yet. We were completely astonished as we thought this was the most basic of checks an estate agency would do before giving its clients a moving date. When it came the renewed moving date, suprise surprise we were told we were unable to move in again. Only this time it was far more serious as this was the last date we could stay in our previous property. We were left essentially homeless were it not for friends and family and had to pay for all of our belongings to be moved in storage. When we went into Victor Stone to complain to our agent, a particularly slimy specimen called Thibaut Verron, he offered absolutely no help whatsoever, infact he had the audacity to make jokes; “Third time lucky eh guys?” to which I responded “Its not funny, we are homeless and all our belongings are in storage”, Thibaut replied “What so thats just some clothes and stuff” and I said “No Thibaut, its our lives”. Thibaut brought his manager out to talk to us who also offered no help whatsoever and said it would be on the landlord to compensate us for the stress, storage and lost earnings for the days we kept booking off work to move house, only to find that we would be unable to move. When we finally moved in, the property had not been properly cleaned and we were palmed off onto Louise Brooks who had to come round and clean the property herself, although after 2 visits the property was still not clean and we took it upon ourselves to clean it. Victor stone had sold us the property as a 4 bedroom house but had clearly just erected shoddy partition walls to split 1 room into 2. The had conducted a group viewing and had exerted pressure on my friends who had viewed the house and had promised that any changes or furniture we needed would be provided before we moved in. This was also a lie. And still hasnt happened. Victor Stone and Thibaut Verron need to be held accountable for their actions and inactions.

    • Thibaut Verron says:

      This an answer for John Andrews.

      People like you are making me laugh. You are saying you didn’t get any help from myself or Victorstone when you have obviously no clue about how the system works regarding Real Estate in England. In England the landlord has the right to pull out anytime until the tenancy agreement is signed by himself for start. On many occasions tenants have no idea how much we fight for them so they can move in while other “agents” sometimes not even registered try to undercut us and move in other tenants. In this trade, in this country people have absolutely no loyalty to their word when they agreed a deal. Secondly it is true that happens sometimes that flats aren’t ready at the time it was supposed to be and delays can occur. Same problem for the furnitures. But tenants seems to forget that the agent has no legal right on the property unless it is under full management otherwise it is entirely up to the landlord. It is his responsibility. Now in London, let me tell you something…many landlords do not care one bit about their tenants or agents, they do not keep to their words, they have no loyalty and wants the agents to work for free and never wants to give their deposit back to the tenants but once again I am sure for smart people like yourself it is the agents fault again. I have to admit though there is a major issue in England regarding Real Estate. I found it shocking that people do not need a license or a professional card to work in the industry…it would tidy the market up and straighten everybody a little. Everywhere I have work in properties (Morocco, France, Spain, Portugal an Germany) it was required to be fully licensed and the market was a lot more controlled. Anyways this was a reply your post to clarify a little the situation. You have no idea how much we fought for you guys to move in this flat…your ignorance is shocking an please do not put words in my mouth…this is just childish and you are just embarrassing yourself on the web. Regarding the pressure on your friends And the group viewing, well this comment again shows how ignorant you are about the market here. If they are group viewings it is simply because the supply and demand are disproportionate between available properties in London and the huge amount of demand. We don’t put pressure on you, the market those. But for you that’s also the agent fault! I guess people will realise quickly what was worth your post in the first place once they understand for some specimen like you as you say it’s very difficult to put one and one together and actually understand things as they are before your eyes…typical!

      To finish I wish you best luck for the future as your intellectual capacities tells me that you will need it a lot!

      • John Andrews says:

        Thibaut – Fran, Mel and Ben all remember what you said as do I, hilarious that you would come on here, a page full of people who know what Victor stone are capable of and try and defend yourself and the company. What an idiot, interesting that you don’t work there anymore? Too many complaints? I was going to let this rest but thanks for reminding me of this. I’ll be in touch with your former employers, as will the rest of housing solidarity and we will be sure to mention that we hold you personally responsible.

      • John Andrews says:

        Also Thibaut, googling your own name? How pathetic.

      • John Andrews says:

        Absolutely classic, you’re doing this from behind a computer screen too, so we’ll completely disregard that totally worthless comment.

        You haven’t actually explained or given a single reason for why you guys left us homeless for three weeks, after giving us three separate moving in dates that were all wrong.

        As for questioning my intellectual capacities, I’m afraid I’m going to have to call into question the intellectual capacities of a ‘professional’ man who a) makes jokes to people he’s just left homeless b) tells these people that he’s feeling a little rough because he had a big night on the coke whilst simultaneous failing to help with their situation in any way and c) comes on a website that is part of a successful campaign to get victor stone and its associates to admit they don’t know what they are doing and refund clients, and try to blame the ‘property market that we don’t understand’.

        Incidentally, if you were wondering, this site comes up third in a google search of ‘Thibaut Verron’ and I intend to keep in high on the results list to discourage anyone who has the misfortune of meeting and potentially doing business with a total cretin such as yourself.

      • Marvin says:

        Marvin on October 16, 2012 at 10:15 pm
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Victorstone are a Bunch of Fraudsters, Bilal, shof,Anna(property Manager) syed, and also they all do act of deception, money laundering etc they ripped of a mate of mine for £400.000 ( four hundred thousand pounds) for a sham investment into properties. My friend knows this and will get his justice he just said ” let me see how far they going to get in life with my money, but the names I mentioned are the directors of the company what goes on in that company is just how to scam money off people. I really feel for you guys but one day they will get exposed. One thing I know about my mate is they will not hear his reply,they will See his reply..

  3. Marvin says:

    Victorstone are a Bunch of Fraudsters, Bilal, shof,Anna(property Manager) syed, and also they all do act of deception, money laundering etc they ripped of a mate of mine for £400.000 ( four hundred thousand pounds) for a sham investment into properties. My friend knows this and will get his justice he just said ” let me see how far they going to get in life with my money, but the names I mentioned are the directors of the company what goes on in that company is just how to scam money off people. I really feel for you guys but one day they will get exposed. One thing I know about my mate is they will not hear his reply,they will See his reply..

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