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Initially, ‘Housing Solidarity’ was conceived as a campaign to unite housing struggles from disparate groups, especially conscious of different types of tenure – private renting, social renting, owner occupying, squatting, travelling, mooring etc. This idea emerged from the squatting movement which was facing the most recent round of criminalisation. As housing solidarity we went to every housing related action or meeting taking the message of unity and trying to map out a path to building the mythical ‘housing movement’.

At some point the proactive work on this fizzled out a bit – partly because of personal disputes (an age old activist tale). Things were dormant for a while and then the site was revived again as a platform for the recent Victorstone dispute.

The success of this was pretty overwhelming and could be seen to vindicate the original vision of building a militant movement out of disparate individual experiences of the housing market.

Reinforcing that the meeting at the Cuts Cafe on Monday was also pretty overwhelming in showing how many other people held a similar vision. From that there is talk of building a coalition of housing campaigns based around shared aims and principles.

This is exactly what we always envisioned from the start and it would be great to be an active part of this – which leads onto thinking what role to play.

Fundamentally this is a blog and twitter promoting militant housing action, which is presumably something a housing movement could do with. As individuals we might be involved in particular campaigns, but this is what the activity of Housing Solidarity has boiled down to.

It seems likely that the discussions about forming a housing coalition will be reconvened around November 17th and it would be great to go there with a strong vision of what we want to contribute. So it seems a good time to ask if anyone else who reads this blog and twitter feed would be interested in contributing to it. This could either be in writing articles, or contributing to them by collecting stories for other people to write up, proofreading, editing, shaping the collective analysis. Also at the moment there’s no web design going into the site and we’re using the most basic commercial blogging software.

So, if you’d like to be involved please get in touch at


About housolidarity

We call for a radical housing movement as part of broader solidarity against austerity and an end to all evictions.
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