Housing Action Meetings

Digs, a new information and support group for Hackney renters
Right now, too many renters in Hackney are facing:
·        Huge rent increases
·        Housing benefit shortfalls
·        Rip-off letting agents fees
·        Poor quality private housing
·        Bad treatment from landlords and letting agents
If you’re a private tenant living in Hackney or care about the rights of private tenants, we want to hear your views about how we can take Digs forward. You’ll have the chance to put your questions to housing experts and reps from Hackney Council.

7:00pm-8:30pm, 25th October 2012
Where: CLR James Library, Dalston Lane, London, E8 3AZ (near Dalston Junction Station)
‘Laying the Foundations’ will feature housing expert and campaigner Ben Reeve-Lewis and speakers from Hackney council – come and pose your private housing questions.
Open discussion
What are the main problems for private renters in Hackney? How can we work together to tackle them? We want to hear your views.
Digs have come together to campaign for a better deal for people renting locally. We’re a private tenant information and support group, run by Hackney renters, for Hackney renters.
Digs is part of Hackney Unites, the coalition for social justice.



regular housing meetings *caution: some of these following details may be out of date.*

Bristol Housing Action Movement – meet mondays at 8pm, call 07833100399 for details

Hackney Housing Group -meeting at Navarino Mansions on Dalston Lane, to give and receive support on housing problems and campaign for better housing near Hackney Downs station every second Saturday, 12 pm to 2 pm, please contact 07931 698 438 for more details.

Haringey Housing Action Group – email housingaction@haringey.org.uk for details of meetings

why not organise a housing action meeting, either in your local community, or with your political campaign or organisation. it could either be a one off or a regular meet-up, public or by invitation.

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