What Can I Do?

  • Tweet for us live from actions/eviction resistances
  • Write articles for this blog
  • Visit your local housing action meeting, or if there isn’t one, help set one up
  • Organise a local housing action meeting
  • Barricade your front door!
  • Target: – the home office, Constant & Co, Eric Pickles (for their involvement in the planned eviction of Dale Farm) – your local bailiff firm
  • Research and write about the housing crisis, discuss it with friends / co-workers / housemates
  • Make banners: – bash a bailiff – join the rent strike! – homes not yuppies
  • Resist evictions
  • Set up a housing co-op
  • List ways to resist
  • Document housing actions
  • Live in occupation
  • Talk with your friends, co-workers, family about their housing situations
  • Publicise existing housing action groups
  • Research archives about housing
  • Show films about housing action
  • Demonstrate
  • Talk to people at demonstrations
  • Skillshare
  • Learn more about the law and share info
  • Recruit for Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS)
  • Offer your landlord less rent
  • Look for empty properties in your area and research them
  • Form a housing co-op / collective
  • Visit Dale Farm
  • Keep adding to this list

2 Responses to What Can I Do?

  1. Paul Bright says:

    The racist behaviour of Basildon council is a great risk to UK prosperity.
    All over the world people are seeing this on TV and deciding for themselves
    that “the UK is not OK’ millions of jobs will be lost in the UK because of
    Conservative council racism. Travellers have a right to be left alone.
    I demand the immediate expulsion of the racist councillors from the
    Conservative party and a total campaign of civic disobedience to
    make the CONDEM government wake up to the grave risk to UK
    prosperity caused by their policy of targeting travellers for eviction.
    This is simply not on and everyone in the UK will suffer if this
    eviction does not stop NOW. Compensation must be paid to
    the travellers as is demanded by the United Nations.
    We must stop the racist risk now. The UK must be OK for good !
    The only eviction we need is David Cameron evicted from 10 Downing street.

  2. Housing is far too expensive in the UK. How can it be a flat rental will cost more than the minimum wage ? And that is assuming you can find a job and then you still have to pay tax. It´s just ridiculous. Better to sleep on sofas and occasionally stay in a Travelodge, which would cost much less than renting. We all need to help each other out and stay together in solidarity. First of all we can support dale farm http://dalefarm.wordpress.com/ We can also vote in elections to evict the DC – Dictator in Chief – from no. 10 Downing street. Let us all be peaceful and happy. This CONDEM dictatorship will not last forever. There is hope. God bless you all.

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